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  • TCM Granule Dispensing Automation

    In 2008, HollyCon launched the first-ever TCM granular dispensing automation equipment in the market, it follows automatically the doctors'prescriptions and patients' required dosage to identify,weigh,and calculate the dispensing in compliance with the Chinese medicine principles. Currently, the equipment is being used by more than 10000 thousand hospitals in and out of China,ensuring safety,precision, convenience,and controllability of the medicine prescription and formula in clinical practices.

  • TCM Herbal Pieces Dispensing&Decoction Automation

    HollyCon developed the first set of automatic TCM herbal slice dispensing equipment in China, which completely overturned the traditional method of prescribing and dispensing through manual operation such as hand-grabbing, realizing dispensing by medicine types, multiple prescriptions in parallel dispensing, It has set a precedent of herbal pieces dispensing automation. The self-developed intelligent decoction machine inherits the ancient method of bulk decoction,realizing automatic double-decoction and automatic concentration, accurately controlling the amount of liquid,and ensuring the quality of decoction.

  • Food and Medicine Digital Factory

    HollySys provides a complete digital solution for the food and pharmaceutical industry. With industrial software and intelligent equipment as the core and a digital platform as the carrier, HollySys provides enterprises with a full life-cycle solution from R&D, production to logistics, and offers continuous support in terms of operational excellence and cost efficiency to help them achieve long-term benefits. The platform system architecture is divided into control layer, execution layer and planning layer.

  • Packaging Automation

    The MD62 series of automatic packaging equipment independently developed by HollyCon is simple to operate, easy to maintain, and durable. Through successful application in many pharmaceutical companies, it satisfies customers' demanding, and customizable requirements for cost-saving, high-efficiency, and high-quality packaging. HollyCon has performed more prominently in improving equipment production capacity and product quality, reducing maintenance and energy consumption costs etc.

  • Catering Digital Equipment

    The Catering Digital Equipment Division has formed a strong technical innovation capability by gathering mechanical, electrical and software R&D personnel with whole process services such as procurement, R&D, production, on-site assembly and commissioning, whole life cycle operation and maintenance. For the problems and challenges faced by the catering industry, we can provide intelligent catering equipment solutions with short development period, quick results and low cost. The existing R&D products have passed CE certification and have been exported to Singapore and Malaysia. The product design and production process have passed ISO9001, 14001 and 45001 system certification. On-site operation and maintenance services are available in Beijing, Tianjin, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Chongqing and other major cities in China.


  • Modern Intelligent TCM Pharmacy
  • Food and Medicine Digital Factory
  • Fully Automatic Laboratory
  • Hospital Logistics Management

Modern Intelligent TCM Pharmacy

Building a "modem intelligent Chinese pharmacy" can improve the form of traditional Chinese medicine herbal slices, improve the dispensing environment of pharmacies, increase the accuracy and convenience ...

Food and Medicine
Digital Factory

HollySys can provide a complete digital solution
for the food and pharmaceutical industry.
With industrial software and intelligent equipment...

Fully Automatic Laboratory

The fully automated laboratory solution had breakthrough
the rapid nucleic acid extraction and purification technology
and system integration...

Hospital Logistics Management

The solution aims at the objective of automation, intelligence,
and informatization of medical work, the medical loT will
liberate majority of medical staff from...


Good News! HollyCon Automated Multi-row Four-side-seal Packaging Production Line was Recognized as the First (set) Major Technological Innovation Product in the Economic Development Zone

Recently, according to the requirements of the document "Several Measures for Implementing the New Development Concept and Accelerating the High-Quality Development of Yizhuang New City (Version 3.0)" (Jingji Management [2021] No. 42), the relevant departments of Beijing Economic and Technological Development Area (hereinafter referred to as "CDDA") have reviewed and approved Beijing HollyCon Medical Technology Co. Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "HollyCon") product "Automated multi-row four-side-seal packaging production line" was recognized as the first (set of) major technological innovation products in Beijing Economic and Technological Development Zone.

2022 Customer Satisfaction Survey is Now Open! Your Satisfaction is Our Motivation to Move Forward!

Dear Customer! Thank you for your continuous support and understanding of us. Based on the concept of "sincerely envisioning for our customers", we insist on listening to our customers' voices and continue to innovate and make breakthroughs in order to provide our customers with better products, solutions and high-quality services. In order to continuously improve the quality of products and services to continuously improve customer satisfaction, HollyCon will soon start the 2022 annual customer satisfaction survey, we invite you to take the time to participate in this questionnaire and give us your valuable opinions. In response to your feedback, we will continue to move forward to provide you with a better product and service experience.

Intelligent Mobile TCM Vehicle Equipment | Work Independently and Efficiently

For a long time, "difficult to get medicine, long waiting time, difficult decoction" is the inherent perception towards Chinese medicine. The traditional decoction process is time-consuming and labor-intensive, and some people's lack of knowledge about Chinese medicine decoction cannot guarantee the quality of decoction and achieve clinical efficacy. Therefore, the demand for standardized Chinese medicine no-decoction granules and mobile home consultation service is becoming more and more obvious.


Founded in 2010, Beijing HollyCon Medical Technology Co., Ltd. is NataionalEnterprise Technology Center, Zhongguancun High-tech Enterprise, Scientific and Technological Innovation Enterprise, Beijing Intellectual property demonstration Enterprise, and National “Professional and innovative” Giant Enterprise. We has already owned more than 200 valid intellectual property rights and more than 30% of R&D staffs. We are committed to developing our own innovative core technologies and continue to invest about 10% of our annual operating income in technological innovation.

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